Imagine Things


Very interesting point of view. If AIDS and Cancer where the diseases that marked last century, it will be the diseases of the mind that will mark this new century. In the great failure of post-modernism, society is falling deeper and deeper into their own emptiness, quoting Renata Salcel “by blaming yourself about the failure of your choices and not questioning that this system plays a great deal in that failure…” and constantly trying to fill it with this overwhelming mountain of choices fed by and excessive consumerism, leading dramatically to more emptiness.

We have been looking at the world through the lenses of capitalism all our lives (I am 27 right now) but that does not mean that this socioeconomic model is the right one and that life needs to be this way. This social model is not working anymore, we need to take two steps back, look at the big picture as outsiders to understand it and then start promoting a social change.

"I rather die on my feet than living 100 years on my knees" Zapata.

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